Bees and Pollinators Sign

Bees & Pollinators Sign 6"x6"

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Front: "Pollinators remind us to celebrate the beauty of life and our interconnectedness. When we take good care of ecosystems that support pollinators including wild & honey bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, moths, beetles and fruit bats, we all win!"

Back: "Flying from flower to flower, we bees pollinate a third of all the food you eat plus other useful crops. For thousands of years, we’ve also provided you with honey and wax without asking much. Today, we really need you to Bee our Hero by: #1 planting native flowers, #2 growing 

an organic garden, #3 avoiding synthetic pesticides, #4 buying as many organic foods and products as possible and #5 sharing with friends and family what you how to be truly bee friendly so all pollinators can thrive again!"  Each Lucuma Design’s fair trade gift contributes to non-profit organizations promoting bee friendly environments. See the causes we support at

Sign measures 6"x6". Printed on stiff cardstock. 

Size: 6" x 6" Size: 6" x 6"