Trees Water People

Doing Good: They work in Central America planting trees, installing fuel efficient and safe cooking stoves and empowering communities. Now, we like them even more as they have started a project w...

American Bird Conservancy

The good they do: This organization provides needed advocacy and protection for bird species and habitats in the Americas.

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

The good they do: Sea Shepherd works tirelessly to protect precious marine life and fight illegal and destructive actions that threaten the health of our oceans.

Seed Saver’s Exchange

Doing Good: We love their mission of seed sovereignty as a way to promote biodiversity to benefit us all.

Fair Trade Together for Pollinators

1 - Monarch Bookmark & Ornament by Tulia's Artisan Gallery (  2 - Hummingbird Confetti Ceramic Ornament by Lucuma Designs ( 3 - Bee Hive Gour...

Buzz-Worldly Bee Gifts!

As conscious consumers, honoring our connection with all life on Earth may start as simply as falling in love with a handcrafted, bee-inspired gift or two! Tasting honey could open our hearts to ...

Loving Our Bees!

Every time we bite into a crispy apple, a fragrant apricot, a juicy strawberry or tomato, we have some bees to thank! As champion pollinators, honeybees and about 20,000 native bee species fly fr...

Gratitude Gourd Box Video

A place where we can all share the good things happening in our lives right now despite our difficulties. May you be inspired to start your own Gratitude Box with your family!

Play & Learn with Finger Puppets

Get your earth-friendly organic cotton or alpaca wool hand-knitted finger puppets for hours of fun play -OR- make your own out of paper! Just download our free finger puppet printable patterns an...