Organic Ceramic Plant Pots - Set of 3 (L, M & S) - Mixed Colors

Sale price$164.00

Show your plants in style with these fun and contemporary glazed pots. Perfect for indoors but may as well adorn an outdoor patio or terrace. Each displays a one-of-a-kind pattern achieved by swirling enamel colors over water and hand dipping each piece. These original planters are handcrafted by master ceramic artist Bernardino Arce from Arequipa, Peru, exclusively for Lucuma Designs.   Pots have drainage holes and will hold about 4, 2 and 1 cup of dirt respectively.  Colors come assorted so expect to be surprised!  Price is for a Set of 3 Planters including a large, a medium and a small.

Size: 4.75x7.25" / 4.25x5.7" / 4x4" Size: 4.75x7.25" / 4.25x5.7" / 4x4"