Mask Artist Painter - Boruca, Costa Rica

“Unlike others who started very young, I was older when I started to carve. My first mask turned out so pretty that I fell in love with mask making. Soon after that, I started painting them and creating my own designs.”

Neftali loved to paint as a child, but as the oldest sibling, family obligations forced him to leave school early to work on his father’s farm. It was not until 1998, after seeing the beauty of Francisco’s masks and the opportunity this art provided, that he began studying mask-making under him.

Neftali Rojas Morales, Boruca Artist

Today, Neftali is an accomplished painter and the sophistication of his art stands out! He enjoys painting his pieces with a natural and muted palette and his life-like details are astonishing. With his masks, he hopes more people will learn about his village, culture, and traditions.

Currently he spends most of his time working his farmland and dedicates his afternoons and evenings to his art.