Mask Artist Carver - Boruca, Costa Rica

“I identify with the harpy eagle, because it has a strong instinct and is also very loving. I just love it.”

German started carving masks in 1998 as a teenager. He learned the basics from his brother who had apprenticed with Master Don Ismael. From there, with natural talent, curiosity and a steady hand, German perfected his craft and developed a style of his own. He also understood the need to design his own pieces, and so taught himself to draw. His love for orchids and flowers is obvious, and he enjoys the challenge of representing their delicacy and beauty, making them as lifelike as possible.

He loves visiting peaceful and remote places where he can give free rein to his imagination. His perfect working environment is close to nature with some relaxing music.

"As an artist, I am always in constant evolution. Every day I strive to make more impressive designs, further refine my drawings and keep innovating." German is driven to leave a legacy and represent his culture with his spectacular and fine work.”

Over the years, he has shared his art with those around him. He has generously trained many young Borucans, including his nephews and is considered the mentor within the carvers at Taller Brún̈crin̈. When German is not making his own creations, you may find him busily sketching new ideas on a balsa log for one of his friends.