why fair trade?

Every day, more of us are waking up to the fact that our modern way of life has become too wasteful and is placing more pressure on those less fortunate than us and also on our beautiful blue planet.

a "win-win" conscious choice

As conscious consumers we want to know where the products we buy come from, who makes them, and what their impact is. By placing people and the planet ahead of quick profits, fair trade businesses offer us choices so we can be part of the solution and build together a more sustainable future. 

So when we buy a fair trade ornament, a toy, a garment, a cup of coffee or a chocolate bar, we get a real boost of empowerment, and a warm feeling as we realize that our purchases make a difference. And that is truly the beauty of Fair Trade! 

our fair trade commitment 

At Lucuma Designs, we love everything handmade, but our passion goes beyond collaborating on cool designs with super talented artists. We also dream of a world where every person has an opportunity to prosper and live with dignity. 

For over 20 years, Lucuma Designs' has been building long-term relationships and collaborating closely with talented artists in Peru, and recently also in Costa Rica. It is our goal to create even more opportunities so they can keep growing and help communities flourish.

As active members of the Fair Trade Federation since 1999, we are thrilled to be part of a network of like-minded businesses who share our values for justice, compassion and sustainability.

make a pledge for fair trade 

"Today, I commit to switching just a small portion of my budget to fair trade handmade gifts, foods or clothing".  Look in your grocery store for fair trade coffee or chocolate, and search for a fair trade shop near you for more!

Visit the Fair Trade Federation to learn more about Fair Trade and to discover other amazing brands!


1% for the planet commitment

As our way to show our love for our environment and all beings in our beautiful blue planet, we have donated to these organization from the 1% for the Planet network. They are our heroes, doing good and working toward causes we care about.

This means that with every purchase from Lucuma Designs, you too contribute to these causes. Lucuma Designs has committed to donating a minimum of 1% of all of our sales to organizations in the network.