Ceramic Tradition

Legend has it that man was created from a handful of clay, which the hands of the supreme creative artist molded into his image and likeness. This divine quality has been inherited in the human artistic tradition over the immemorial passage of time, in all cultures on Earth. In Perú this tradition is millenary, cultivated and perfected by its ancient artists to the most current ones. Today, Lúcuma Design gathers part of that tradition through the creative work of several contemporary ceramic artists from different parts of Peru, offering the North American public a series of artistic pieces of decorative art, folk art and devotional art. We invite you to learn about their excellent creative work.

Animals of all kinds, birds, insects, mammals, turned into beautiful ornaments that decorate the home and that serve us useful. Churches, native characters, nativity scenes, angels and other folkloric expressions of Peru take shape from the clay of its soil. In this way we invite you to know the excellent creative work of the artists that Lúcuma Design brings to you.

Confetti Ornaments


Folk Art

Ceramic Artists