Master Ceramist (Perú)

Born in the town of Quinua, the center of ceramic tradition in Peru, Antonio Ore grew up surrounded by master ceramists. From a young age he admired watching the artists at work. For Antonio, “it all started as a game" as he discovered his love for clay when he was 12 years old while playing with his friends. Following his passion for art, he studied drawing and painting at the School of Fine Arts in the city of Ayacucho. This helped refine his design skills and sense of coloring.

“I feel great satisfaction while giving the finishing touches to my pieces and seeing the finished work.”

In 1999, seeking better opportunities for his family, with his wife and two small children, he moved to Lima to establish his workshop.

As a self-taught artist, Antonio loves to explore new techniques, without forgetting his traditional roots. With a steady hand, Antonio is an expert in carving out the delicate holes on his luminaries. He also is an expert in mixing natural oxides to create interesting colors.

"I like to create those minute details and for that I receive praise from the public"

What he truly loves is molding intricate one-of-a-kind sculptures by hand and participating in contests.

In the future, Antonio is planning to build a gallery and experiential tourism center in his hometown of Quinua, where he would like to return one day to offer classes and share his art with those who may want to visit him.